Welcome to Heli-Central

Heli-Central is one of Central Queensland’s largest charter operators, offering a wide range of aircraft to suit your operation. Heli-Central has been servicing the Rural, Mining, Gas & Oil, and Tourism and Emergency Services since 2010. Heli-Central specialises in, and provides, the following helicopter services.

Rural Helicopter Services

  • Helicopter Mustering
  • Aerial Spraying
  • Aerial seeding
  • Feral Animal Control
  • Weed Control

Oil, Gas, Mining and Industrial Helicopter Services

  • Personnel Charter
  • Aerial Surveys & Photography
  • Maintenance Support
  • Remote Area Excess
  • Aerial lift of emergency supply
  • Site tours
  • Camp Accommodation Support
  • Aerial Seeding for Rehabilitation

Emergency Response Helicopter Services

  • Rescue Response
  • Fire Control
  • Fire Starting
  • Flood

Scenic Flight Services

All pilots are licensed to CASA requirements and receive update training, assessments and regular medicals to ensure that they have the skills and capabilities to operate safely and efficiently. All staff are fully qualified and are regularly assessed.

Heli-Central holds an Aircraft Operators Certificate (CASA) and an Aerial Applicators License.