Helicopter Services -
Mining & Industry

Heli-Central’s helicopter transport and aerial services provide a comprehensive support package for remote oil, gas, mining and industrial sites across Central Queensland. Specialising in helicopter services to the Cooper Basin, Surat Basin and Bowen Basins but able to deploy to remote regions Australia-wide.

Heli-Central pilots and support teams have extensive experience in regional and remote operations including supporting oil and gas operations in North America and remote sites in the Asia Pacific region.

Effective task, project and deployment planning delivers cost efficient and safe outcomes. The company’s helicopter based at Springsure allows the team to respond quickly and cost effectively to client needs in the Surat Basin.

Heli-Central pilots and staff have a strong track record of working closely with major project teams – interacting in a seamless way to support mission critical transportation, emergency response and time critical maintenance requirements.

Heli-Central’s services include:

Transportation Services

Heli-Central specialises in servicing complex transportation needs and remote sites. Use of helicopters for delivery of critical parts and key staff can reduce transport times by 50% to 80% - allowing key staff and parts to be deployed to regional and remote locations quickly and efficiently.

  • Charter transportation of personnel Regular and ad hoc transportation to and from remote sites for teams and individual staff members for shift deployment and team changeovers.
  • Executive and site or area tours
  • Quick deployment of teams for drilling, maintenance and quick response support
  • Deployment of work or maintenance teams to high demand or emergency situations.
  • Quick transportation of goods and parts to remote sites
  • Aerial lift of emergency supply critical parts.
    Significantly reducing the time to transport these critical items to the site. Items can be transported on board or with the use of a sling – with lift capacity of up to 1,100kg.

Site Tours

  • Site tours - regular and executive tours
  • Observation tours

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Aerial Surveys & Photography

  • Aerial surveying for gas and mining exploration or project development.
  • Transportation to support aerial photography.

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Emergency Services & Support

  • Flood surveys, monitoring and flood relief work.
  • Fire surveys, monitoring and fire support transportation.

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Pipeline & Well Head Monitoring

  • Pipeline patrols.
  • Well checks.

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Maintenance Support for Infrastructure

  • Maintenance surveys and patrols for pipelines, power lines and remote infrastructure and facilities.

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Camp Accommodation Support

  • Heli-Central can use camp accommodation at Carnarvon for its own teams and for clients’ teams deployed to the northern Surat Basin region.

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Weed Control & Feral Animal Control

  • Weed spotting and surveying.
  • Aerial spraying for weed control.
  • Monitoring and surveying of feral animals.
  • Mustering.
  • Feral animal control including culling.

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Seeding for Rehabilitation

  • Of areas in inaccessible or difficult terrain

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Heli-Central has a reputation for on-time delivery and 100% reliability. The Heli-Central team also has a reputation for being easy to work with, flexible and having an extremely high focus on safety performance and operations.

Heli-Central, because of its base in the Surat Basin, offers very competitive rates and has the flexibility and responsiveness to fit in with clients’ schedules and short lead time requirements.

Cost-effective rates and significant time savings on staff and parts transportation result in major efficiencies through using Heli-Central services for quick deployment of key staff and critical items.